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Virtual Assistant Services

What is Virtual Assistance?

Virtual assistance is a versatile and remote support solution that aids companies in scheduling, managing administrative chores, and increasing general efficiency.

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We Offer


Expand your customer base with the expertise of a skilled lead generation assistant.


Enhance your sales pipeline with effective appointment setters.


Elevate your brand's visual storytelling with expert video and photo editing assistance.


Streamline your client database with expert CRM management services.


Enhance your data management processes with professional data entry and online research support.


Online research methods are the digital tools and processes used to gather information on a topic from an internet search.


Drive audience engagement and market your offerings with a social media assistant.


Podcast marketing is a strategy that implies promoting and selling your product or service through audio content.


Optimize your email campaigns and increase engagement with professional assistance and template design.


SMS Marketing is sending promotional campaigns or transactional messages for marketing purposes using text messages. (SMS)


Delegate your brand's communication through seamlessly crafted newsletter campaigns.


Enhance your prospect contact strategy with efficient cold calling efforts managed by a skilled assistant.

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VA Packages

Ultimate plan

160hrs/Month (40Hrs/ Week)

Make the most of this plan, where your virtual assistant is on-call 24/7, delivering a workload comparable to that of a full-time employee, all while freeing up office space.

Actual Price: $960 (*6/hr)

Introductory Offer: $800 (*5/hr)

Saving ~ 17%

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Elite Partner

120hrs/Month (30Hrs/ Week)

Perfect plan if you would require your assistant to work more than half of the day and not on a full time basis, to prosper in the face of competition

Actual Price: $780 (*6.5/hr)

Introductory Offer: $660 (*5.5/hr)

Saving ~ 16%

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Tailored Solutions

80hrs/Month (20Hrs/ Week)

Personalized tips crafted to cater to the precise demands of your business model

Actual Price: $600 (*7.5/hr)

Introductory Offer: $520 (*6.5/hr)

Saving ~ 14%

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Pro-active Support

60hrs/Month (15Hrs/ Week)

Anticipates your needs, streamlines workflow, automate repetitive tasks to 2X your revenue.

Actual Price: $510 (*8.5/hr)

Introductory Offer: $450 (*7.5/hr)

Saving ~ 12%

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Business Boost

40hrs/Month (10Hrs/ Week)

Elevate virtual assistance, optimize operations to outpace the competition

Actual Price: $380 (*9.5/hr)

Introductory Offer: $340 (*8.5/hr)

Saving ~ 11%

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20hrs/Month (5Hrs/ Week)

Go-to plan for small tasks and immediate support to improve efficiency

Actual Price: $210 (*10.5/hr)

Introductory Offer: $190 (*9.5/hr)

Saving ~ 10%

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How Virtual Assistance Can Streamline Your Franchise Consulting Business:

Virtual assistants can help franchise consultants research potential franchise opportunities, industry trends, and other important information. This can help franchise consultants provide their clients with the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Virtual assistants can help franchise consultants manage their social media accounts by creating content, scheduling posts, and engaging with followers. This can help franchise consultants increase their online presence and attract more clients.

Virtual assistants can help franchise consultants create content such as blog posts, articles, and newsletters. This can help franchise consultants establish themselves as
thought leaders in their industry and attract more clients.

Virtual assistants can help franchise consultants research potential franchise opportunities, industry trends, and other important information. This can help franchise consultants provide their clients with the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Virtual assistants can help franchise consultants with customer service tasks such as responding to emails and phone calls. This can help franchise consultants provide excellent customer service and increase client satisfaction.

In conclusion, virtual assistance is a cost-effective and time-saving solution for franchise consultants. By outsourcing administrative and technical tasks to virtual assistants, franchise consultants can increase their productivity, save money on overhead costs, and focus on the core aspects of their business. If you are a franchis consultant looking to streamline your business and increase your bottom line, consider utilizing virtual assistance.

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Website Services

A Professional, User-Friendly Website Lands Franchise Customers

Are you looking for a website with an outstanding design and incredible features? You’ve found it! In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, our website designs are also very functional across a range of platforms, including PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. They also load quickly, are search engine optimised, and are simple to find online.

The Way We Work


Choose a plan


Fill up the onboarding form here


Telephonic Consultation with

Once you have completed the aforementioned steps, PAS Digital will assign you an account manager for the development phase will initiate the design of your website, which will be completed within 7-10 business days. The website will be optimized to improve its ranking on Google and other search engines.

You can choose the colours, photos, headshots, logos, and pages you wish to appear on the website. Additionally, will host your site for one year and perform one hour of maintenance each month, which includes upgrading plugins, ensuring security, and creating backups. Extra services (add more pages, photos, forms, etc.) are available at the hourly rate listed below. For the second year and beyond, low cost renewal options are available. You may also purchase add-on services to strengthen and enhance your website. Take a look at the list of available add-ons below.

Please fill out this on-boarding form to get started, or send an email to

Website Packages


Basic Website

$ 399

Five Page CMS Website ( WordPress )

Choose From Pre-made Designs (Shown Below)

*CTA: Contact us Form ( Email: We connect to your email provider. Gmail, Zoho or other )

Google MyBusiness Listing

Renews at $199 Per Year.

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Website, Logo, SEO Content

$ 599

Seven Page CMS Website ( WordPress )

Custom Design

Custom Logo

Image Gallery

Feature Franchises

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Google Analytics Setup

Google Search Console Setup

Google MyBusiness Listing

CTA: Two CTA’s one on Home Page.

Two Pages SEO Optimized Content ( Home and one other ) and Franchise Category Page

Renews at $299 Per Year ( Include hosting and SSL )

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Website, Logo, SEO Content

$ 799

Seven Page CMS Website ( WordPress )

Custom Design

Custom Logo

Image Gallery

Video Gallery

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Notes :

The aforementioned packages only cover website development. However, there are a few additional things required to supplement the website work.

Domain Name:
You can use their free privacy services to avoid having to share your name, phone number, and address online. We must direct your domain name to our servers after you have it.

Although setting up a domain name is rather simple, if you’d rather avoid it, we can assist you with this as an add-on service, which can be found below.

Self-hosted email is required. We advise utilising Google Workspaces. There is normally some more setup required, but as an Add-On Service listed below, we can help.

Other 3rd Party Tools:
The packages do not include the setup of 3rd party tools such as Zoho CRM or Benetrends. However, these services can be added as Website Add-On Services found below.

Any business that relies on email for communication must have access to a secure email solution that is always available. This is why having your own email service that you can manage is crucial.

You have the freedom to connect to the email provider of your choice with website packages. We only connect your website to your email provider; we don’t create or control your email. This gives you the freedom to manage your email account completely while promoting it on your website.

We advise using Google Workspace (Gmail.) It is not only a top-notch email platform, but it also functions as a powerful tool thanks to its integration with Google Documents and Google Drive.

We use two platforms to keep you informed about your jobs: Slack for communicating your requirements and Trello for keeping you updated with your completed tasks.

Silver Package - Choose From These Designs

Website Image
Website Image
Website Image
Website Image
Website Image
Website Image
See More Templates

Website Add-On Services


Custom Logo Design $100

We will design a custom print ready version for your website and signature line.

Additional Website Pages (Your Content) $25

Add additional pages to your site. You provide content and images.

Additional Website Pages (We Provide Content) $80

We provide SEO optimized content (700-1000 words) and images for additional pages and add them ot your site.

Website Maintenance Fee $40

Hourly website maintenance fee for services beyond 1 hour/month service. Maintenance actions include: content updates, image changes, etc.

Add BAI Confidential Questionnaire $60

Add the BAI Confidential Questionnaire to your site..

Calendly Setup $60

Integrate Calendly on your website.

Zoho CRM Setup $50

Set up Zoho CRM system to work with your site and emai.

Domain Set Up $50

Set up your domain using


Google Analytics Setup $60

Monitor web traffic, visitors, bounce rates, etc. One time setup

Google Search Console $60

Uncover keyword and other insights to grow your pages and site authority. One-time fee.

Google Business Profile FREE

Publicize your site on Google with your own business listing.

Social Media Setup (Each) $70

Set up your own Facebook, Linkedin, Goggle My Business, Twitter account. Price is $100 per account.

Search Engine Optimization Starting at $500

Monthly SEO to take your site basic SEO to the next next level by building organic traffic through press releases, backlinks, content, citations, etc.

Website Training $50

Hourly training to help you manage the website on your own

Benetrends Setup $75

Set up Benetrends services on yoour site.

Email Setup $50

Set up your email using Google Workspaces (branded email.)

Pay per Click services using Google, Facebook and Linkedin Ads also available.

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