Hire Backbone.JS Developers

The Backbone of the most popular JavaScript libraries on the market, Backbone.js, depends on MVP designer principles. Although it is a library, it is frequently mistaken for a JavaScript framework because it enables the creation of single-page apps. This compact package offers models, routes, and collections used to build client-side web applications.

Single-page applications built with a RESTful service are the primary application type for the Backbone.js library. Single-page applications can be made by framework developers and are accessible through a web browser.

Developers can create applications using various simple yet highly flexible tools thanks to Backbone.js. Because backbone.js allows us to create incredibly immersive single-page applications, it is now prevalent.

Companies Using Backbone.JS


Trello is a web-based project management and united tool that divides your work into Boards, Checklists, Cards, and Card Lists.


With the help of the well-known location-based social networking tool Foursquare, you may recommend places to your friends worldwide.

Basecamp Calendar

The Calendar component of the well-known project management tool Basecamp is powered by Backbone.js.


You can record, upload, and share your audio on the well-known SoundCloud platform and access free music streaming.

Backbone.JS Benefits


The weight of a project must be considered when discussing download speed & responsiveness. Backbone is roughly 7.6 KB.

Event-driven communication

For model attributes, listeners are provided, and control is available for every detail that may change in a view in Backbone.JS.

API & Documentation

Many manuals and materials are available for download on the Internet. It has also been tested and supported by numerous to-do applications.

Conventions For Coding Style

Conventions are the best option to introduce a standard code style. Developers can write less code by adhering to the Backbone conventions.