Filemaker Application Development

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Custom app development for unique businesses.

Application development is an umbrella term for creating a computer script or program that performs a business task. Some apps automate repetitive tasks and connect resources, while others make it easier to manage data. Whatever the goal, businesses can use custom apps to solve unique business challenges with the help of Filemaker Apps.

Many off-the-shelf apps, such as the accounting software QuickBooks, were created as general business solutions. However, to accommodate specific needs, business owners must hire a software developer to create a custom app or build one on their own using an application development platform. Ask for a consultation from our experienced team to help you build an app with custom requirements.

Filemaker App Development Services

Desktop App

Runs on operating systems like macOS, Windows & Linux. These apps also connect users through a company intranet or over the internet.

Web App

Web apps live on remote servers, which deliver information to a device (laptop, desktop, or mobile) over the internet.

Mobile App

Mobile applications can be developed as native (targeted to a specific mobile platform), hybrid, or web apps.

Filemaker App Development Use Cases

Improve Efficiency

Streamline repetitive tasks and focus your organization’s efforts on high-level strategies.

Aid Integration

Custom apps can be built specifically to integrate with old and new tech, helping businesses improve operations.

Improve Customer Experience

Create a custom app to solve a specific customer service challenge or streamline the entire customer experience.

Gives All Time Access

Secure, real-time sharing on any device. Your app works on mobile or desktop, on the web, on-premise, and in the cloud.