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The open-source OOP language Python has a wide range of uses. Its full-stack frameworks like Django, Pyramid, TurboGears, or microframeworks like Bottle, Flask, Falcon, and others are utilized in web and mobile development. Python is also quite popular among data scientists and AI experts because of its powerful deep learning and data processing capabilities.

All central operating systems are compatible with the APIs of mobile apps built using Python. Some Python packages, like Kivy, are excellent resources for building cross-platform mobile apps. Python also has specialized libraries for creating graphical user interfaces (GUI). PyQT, the Python interface for Qt, is a tool that is frequently used for this. It combines several Python modules and the potent Qt Design studio.

Companies Using Python


Python is also used in a few of the company's projects, like the Facebook Business SDK.


The company's Athena trading platform uses Python for price monitoring, risk management, and other trade-related tasks.


The developers chose Python because it is readable and easy to write in, according to Quora.


Originally built in Lisp; engineers opted to switch the platform's website over to Python after only six months.

Python Benefits

Simplicity & High Productivity.

Productive & economical for big businesses with its simple syntax, practical debugger, & flexibility to combine different languages.

Free Licensing.

Python is an open-source technology, which means that its use by developers is free.

Pre-built Libraries.

Practically any application domain, including web, desktop, mobile apps, machine learning, etc., can use the standard libraries.